Feb 22, 2015

Mograph High5 // 016

I'm getting ready to work on a project that's heavy on characters. Trying to get a handle on how to keep them smooth and expressive. Because of that, most of these contain characters. I included a cel animation because those are always awesome. Enjoy!


Ziploc Fresh 180º from Kris Wong on Vimeo.
This is a really fun piece, especially for Ziploc. Seems like a departure from their usual spots. Love how expressive the characters are. My favorite part is when she devours all the food and it goes all the way to her toes. Some great transitions too.


Quick Resto from Ton Dirkx on Vimeo.
This piece is very polished. All the motion is so smooth and fluid. A good example of well executed animation principles.


TradeHero from Vladimir Marchukov on Vimeo.
There's a good energy happening with this piece. Everything happens quickly and as soon as everything begins to settle we're on to the next section.


Disney XD - Gravity Falls ID from Golden Wolf on Vimeo.
More cel style goodness. Some great morphs going on in this one. I can watch this over and over. Golden Wolf kills it with all of their cel animations.


COSMOS from Ion on Vimeo.
The possibility this creates is amazing. Not sure what the cost would be to create something like this today or if the technology is even totally there but looking to the future this is exciting. How overwhelming would the cereal aisle be if every box had an animated label. Check out the breakdown: https://www.behance.net/gallery/23087645/COSMOS

Ryan Woolfolk

Ryan Woolfolk