Mar 30, 2015

Mograph High 5 // 019

Below are some great examples of what can happen when you don't settle for standard easing. When you lean how to push your keyframes inside the value and speed graphs you get some amazing results.


Why Kareo from VeracityColab on Vimeo.
Some beautiful transitions in this piece. Looks like a lot of time was spent in pre production and it definitely paid off. The animations are so smooth and fluid. Very polished and well executed.


AMI - Unknown Cat from Scotty Wilson on Vimeo.
This one is so fun. The character rigs are so intricate. Scotty did a great job making them feel alive. Check out a breakdown of this piece, it might be more impressive than the actual work, might be:


Nalperion - Explainer Video from Untime on Vimeo.
Those bending lines feel great! Another smooth piece. The animations are subtle yet strong.


CRELOGIX EXPLAINER from Linetest on Vimeo.
This one looks simple yet feels so complex. The animation is clean and powerful. Such a great piece.


RADIO CANADA By Lord Cizar from Lord of Barbès on Vimeo.
These animations have some edge to them. These keyframes have definitely been pushed beyond the standard easy ease. Love how powerful that opening click feels.

Ryan Woolfolk

Ryan Woolfolk