Mar 8, 2017

Designing Attitude

How does graphic design relate to film and animation production? I'm pushing to show they are one in the same. This is why LEAPframe focused so much time and energy on a re-brand.

This project started by working with LEAP. Together, we created a logo and color system that tied all LEAP companies together. Next, I wanted to discover how far I could push LEAPframe's brand collateral while it still lived within the LEAPgroup system.


The goal was to create an attitude and style that could be recognizable to our brand even without the logo present. The days of perfect logo lockups on stationary accompanied by a long list of rules and guidelines are dead. I wanted our brand to open up a bit of disorder. I wanted anyone that worked with our design to be able to add a personal touch without it breaking the style. 

I’ve personally always been drawn to unintentional graphics and elements I see in everyday life and using them as a purposeful design aesthetic. In the case of LEAPframe, I looked at distortions and analog VHS film warps all the way to the digital glitches. From there, I re-animated versions of our favorite distortions. Other design elements were pulled from markings found on film contact sheets, and user interfaces from old tube televisions. 

The movement pattern I landed on ultimately ties the majority of LEAPframe's collateral together. Through many versions, trials and errors, it was derived from looking at our analog warps, and how we express their feeling through a vector design.

But It was difficult to get right. The effect came naturally through photoshop, but ultimately was too disorienting. The final patterns came through learning how to combine six different tools in illustrator. 

The final branding has a strong 80’s throwback vibe — a time where beta and VCR film became accessible to a wide range of consumers. In a very amazing way, this 80’s vibe of bright colors and bold geometrics allow the brand to be grounded in the present where the bold and bright content is constantly cluttering life. The designs are a reflection of that constant clutter. Unapologetic, Bold, Bright and Dynamic. 

How do you feel about the new branding? We would love to hear your thoughts! Head to Behance and give us a like or leave us a comment. 


Kyle Eli Ebersole

Kyle Eli Ebersole