"First Student"

First Student

First Student Case Study

First Student has so many success stories throughout America’s school districts, LEAPframe couldn’t want to help tell them visually.

We sat down with school districts and First Student staff from coast to coast. To capture the heart of First Student’s impact in every community, we leveraged documentary-style filmmaking. Then, we put our animation skills to use by creating explainer videos, made to help districts understand the contracting process. First Student is not “outsourcing” jobs, rather “building on years’ experience of current employees.”

Showcasing What Matters

We understand school systems can feel intimidated by “outsourcing” or “contracting” their district’s bus services. And that’s exactly why these videos needed to be created — so everyone knows First Group and First Student completely support the LOCAL districts aiming to making them more SAFE, SECURE, and operate with COST EFFICIENCY in mind.

The newly-created content allows the prospective districts to feel more trusting about the overall process, and show the genuine connection from bus driver to student.


Peace Of Mind

Videos stress safety and peace of mind — all drivers are trained, and the latest safety features are put in place.



First Student can save you 10-30 percent. Put that money back into the classroom.


Dedicated Drivers

Local drivers add value — a one size fits all approach does not work.

Students First

Students First

First Student isn’t outsourcing jobs. They’re resourcing drivers so they can deliver what matters most: the students.

More Than A Passing Grade

“We originally reached out to LEAPframe to help us create a video that shared our customer’s point of view. But we couldn’t stop there. We keep coming back to LEAPframe to have them create new customer videos because of their dedication to us as clients and passion for helping us tell our story.” – Sr. Marketing Manager, First Student