LEAP Frame is a design-inspired film & motion studio. We don’t just push buttons, say the term "4K" and fly drones. We think about brands — how they talk, what they look like and how they are perceived in the world.

We’re not afraid to blow things up, but we realize silence can be golden. We think before we speak (most of the time) and we choose wisely. When others make noise, we make music.

Seeing is believing, so we close our eyes and dream big. We believe in good design, thoughtful words and calculated movements. You may have limitations, but we won’t let them hold you back because we’ve seen that ideas with heart take clients with guts.

Ryan Woolfolk

Dec 20, 2016, 12:22 PM

With zero knowledge about film, editing or cameras, Ryan lied on a job application to gain employment as a videographer and editor at a summer camp. He spent months making videos every day and asking for critiques from friends and campers in order to get better. It worked, and the camp asked him back for a second year.

Unsurprisingly, Ryan later graduated from Full Sail with a degree in film. He interned at Nickelodeon (a childhood dream), then found employment as an editor in Cincinnati. It was during his first real editing gig that he discovered his true calling: animation.

In 2013, he co-founded LEAP Frame so he could focus more on animation and family. But in his spare time, Ryan also helps out as a teaching assistant for School of Motion’s Animation Bootcamp.

What you’ll appreciate about him: He's detailed. He animates for perfection and never assumes the audience won’t see mistakes.
Ask him about: Tea. While most bow down to the bean, Ryan lives for the leaf. Skipping the middleman, he sources straight from China.



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