Sep 28, 2015

There seem to be a lot of great motion pieces floating around right now. I'm really excited about the After Effects facelift that Sander van Dijk is proposing. It's a lot to dig through but gets me excited thinking about a smoother workflow with a better tool. If you use AE on a regular basis, make sure you vote (link below). Speaking of facelifts, LEAPframe just hired a Lead Designer, Kyle Ebersole. Notice the sweet new logo? Expect to see posts from him in the coming weeks. He's got a great eye for design and I'm excited to see his taste and perspective start to come through on his picks.)

Jul 31, 2015

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! I don't know why. I'm just feeling hopelessly romantic this week. So I present to you three short films that will be sure to give you all the feels. These are some seriously impressive pieces that provide some great insight into modern day human interaction. Be sure to LIKE these videos and show the filmmakers some LOVE if you feel the same! )

Jul 24, 2015

As digital film creators we are constantly searching for inspiration; viewing life through a unique lens that allows us to share our experiences and stories with others. When we fail we get thrown to the side and called amateurs, but when it works we are honored with accolades and awards. From branded content and short films to commercials and music videos, these are three videos I found this week that inspire me to be a better filmmaker.)

Jul 17, 2015

There's some great work in this week's feature. I chose to feature a music video for the first time because I absolutely fell in love with Kendrick Lamar's new video for his single "Alright". I'm not even a big fan of pop rap, but this track is amazing- and the video is just as good. )

Jul 14, 2015

I'm in the middle of the Character Animation Bootcamp from School of Motion. Swimming in character animation seems to have dripped into what I'm finding on Vimeo. Good character animation is very finely tuned. Lots of nuances that are easy to miss. Hopefully I can get as good as some of these one day.)

Jul 10, 2015

This week's theme- RANDOM AWESOMENESS! We've got a hysterical narrative comedy, an inspiring short documentary, and an EPK from an up-and-coming Country band out of Texas. ENJOY! )