Apr 24, 2014

Sneaking Up The Ranks With SEO

Last fall I was killing time before a meeting in New York’s Times Square. So I fell to my shopping vice, sneakers. I only had intentions of window-shopping until a Megatron flat-screen sucked me in like a giant electro magnet. It was the New Balance sneaker creator 1000! Ok it’s not really called that, but it is a dope interactive flat screen where you can customize your NB’s and purchase on the spot. I decided since I was “working” I should build some custom LEAPframe New Balance kicks. After getting them just right, I topped them off with custom type on the back of each heel. LEAP on the left, and FRAME on the right. Say what you will about my fashion sense or lack there of, but this purchase was about more than getting my swag on. I wanted to literally “walk the walk.”

leapframe-custom-new-balanceMy partner and I started LEAPframe because we love digital film and motion design. We can’t separate our passion from our job. So as they say, if the shoe fits... We quickly realized the importance of our personal brands in the creative industry and had to painfully audit each and every social media property we had ever signed up for. We knew the importance of a consistent look / feel, relevant content, and the power of links. So we sought guidance from Nathan Engels, SEO guru for LEAP. We lovingly refer to him as “The One.”

You may have seen him on “Extreme Couponing” not judging, just talking facts. His obsessive-compulsive money saving skills and love for crunching data has enabled him to become an extreme SEO specialist. I never knew that a half crazy coupon hoarder could produce results, but what I soon discovered was a man who was just as passionate about SEO as I am about filmmaking.

With branded sneakers on my feet and an extremist at my side, I was ready to work. LinkedIN, Facebook, Google+, and so on. Alumni websites, trade pubs, Vimeo, YouTube and the list goes on. I quantified my life in a way that I had never thought about. I cared more about who I was following than who was following me. I learned that every word counts and everyone is counting.

After several weeks of tweeting, posting, and updating I was frustrated by the lack of results. The master encouraged me to keep digging for links and expanding my network. Still nothing.

Then one morning I did my typical keyword searches and it was as if overnight the search gods finally took notice and all my hard work was realized. Updated profiles, page one rank in all categories, and a consistent look / feel was right in front of me. I had finally ranked!

My moment of insight hit; when you fully commit to walking the walk, you will see results. For me, literally walking in my brand was a motivator. What is your motivation? What are you trying to rank for? Quit wondering why it’s not happening and put one foot in front of the next.


Brandon Faris

Brandon Faris

Film Director