Nov 28, 2014

Triple Feature | Take 4

In digital film we beg, borrow, and steal from content; scrapping for something we can craft into our own unique point of view. When it fails we get accused of being cheap copies, but when it works we are honored with accolades and awards. From branded content and short films to commercials and music videos; these are the three videos I found this week that are worth watching.


Pequena Grande Vitória from Gustavo Martins on Vimeo.

This is a beautiful and creative visual representation of Vitoria Brasil. I love how the director chose to follow subjects and draw attention to the small moments happening in the extreme wide shot.


Horeca 'The Journey' Film (TVC Cut) from Electric Lime Productions on Vimeo.

This is the perfect example of the difference between digital film and "video production." I don't care about food service providers, but this director kept my attention with beautiful visuals. What could have been just another corporate video became a work of art.


Want It Back from hero on Vimeo.

I'm a sucker for kids acting out adult scenarios, but this video adds depth that challenges the viewer to think deeper. The collective performance of these little boys and girls was brilliant.

Brandon Faris

Brandon Faris

Film Director