Mar 16, 2015

Mograph High5 // 018

I completed the School of Motion Animation Bootcamp a couple of months ago. Ever since then I've been able to pick out how well some motion artists execute the animation principles. Knowing those principles and implementing them with precision definitely makes a piece stand out. That's certainly a common factor in the following work.


Cub Studio 7 Steps To Animation from Cub Studio on Vimeo.
I started seeing process shots from this on Linn Fritz's Dribbble and knew something awesome was coming. Definitely didn't disappoint. New life is given to familiar looking icons. Love the line concept and it was executed brilliantly. Fun little piece.


Microsoft cinematic teaser from BRIKK on Vimeo.
Feels so cinematic. I definitely want to see more. Love the touches of cel animation.


Ray-Ban Round - McBess & Simon from Passion Paris on Vimeo.
This piece is just cool. Love the transformation when he slaps on the shades.


KPMG History from Duncan Elms on Vimeo.
I have seen a lot of pieces that try and recreate headlines but this one is by far the best execution. It flows so well between stories.The video feels like a printed photo coming to life.


SingleThread from Steve Savalle on Vimeo.
The quality of animation definitely makes this piece stand out. Everything moves with such smoothness and fluidity. Love the match in front of the propane. 

Ryan Woolfolk

Ryan Woolfolk