Jun 19, 2015

Triple Feature | Take 12

As digital film creators we are constantly searching for inspiration; viewing life through a unique lens that allows us to share our experiences and stories with others. When we fail we get thrown to the side and called amateurs, but when it works we are honored with accolades and awards. From branded content and short films to commercials and music videos; these are three videos I found this week that inspire me to be a better filmmaker.

This week we feature three very different films that touch on the concepts of the humanity and surrealism. I felt very connected to these pieces this week for some reason. Maybe it's the weather. 


This short is super intriguing to me. First of all, I get a glimpse into the culture of a Rasta living in modern-day Jamaica. Second, I wasn't really sure what the protagonist was up to until the end of the piece. The production is first class- excellent images and audio. The landscapes are colorful and interesting. What's not to love? 




I mean this is probably some of the most badass VFX work I've ever seen in my life. Seriously, gorgeous. 

Anthony Reese Schneider

Anthony Reese Schneider

Lead Editor