Jul 10, 2015

Triple Feature | Take 15

As digital film creators we are constantly searching for inspiration; viewing life through a unique lens that allows us to share our experiences and stories with others. When we fail we get thrown to the side and called amateurs, but when it works we are honored with accolades and awards. From branded content and short films to commercials and music videos, these are three videos I found this week that inspire me to be a better filmmaker.

This week's theme- RANDOM AWESOMENESS! We've got a hysterical narrative comedy, an inspiring short documentary, and an EPK from an up-and-coming Country band out of Texas. ENJOY! 


By far one of the funniest and most absurd shorts I've ever seen. Brilliant. WARNING- NSFW.


A super awesome short documentary about a super awesome kid and his super awesome group of friends. Hey, maybe there is hope for humanity after all!


Midland. Texas. Country. I've been waiting for them to drop their first record since I heard their single about a year ago.

Anthony Reese Schneider

Anthony Reese Schneider

Lead Editor