LEAP Frame is a full-service content production agency focused on creating and conveying brand stories in ways that are both efficient and highly compelling.

We are not afraid to challenge the status quo. When others make noise, we make music. We know seeing is believing, so we close our eyes and dream big. We believe in good design, thoughtful words and calculated movements.

As a part of the LEAP Group network we believe in our company mantra: Market Less. Matter More.

Brandon Faris

“Enjoy the moment, but leave a legacy.” — That mantra drives Brandon to live and think differently. He graduated from Columbia College in Chicago, where he studied film and sound editing. He returned to Ohio to marry his teenage crush, and has spent 10 years honing his skills as a digital video director and dad.

In 2013, Brandon co-founded LEAP Frame to offer clients a brilliant, new option. You can have the cutting-edge creativity, high energy and strong vision without the hubris or exclusivity that often plagues other production houses. You can have your triple-layer cake and eat it, too.

Brandon is always pedaling and never coasting. He co-hosts a popular, weekly podcast “Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon,” mixes and DJs, and starts every single day by checking creative and fashion trends.

What you’ll appreciate about him: He’s the hype man in any situation. He keeps the energy high and the enthusiasm strong. 
Ask him about: Doughnuts. He’s a world-class curator. He believes the best halo of fried goodness resides at Peter Pan in Brooklyn, NY.)

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Ryan Woolfolk

With zero knowledge about film, editing or cameras, Ryan lied on a job application to gain employment as a videographer and editor at a summer camp. He spent months making videos every day and asking for critiques from friends and campers in order to get better. It worked, and the camp asked him back for a second year.

Unsurprisingly, Ryan later graduated from Full Sail with a degree in film. He interned at Nickelodeon (a childhood dream), then found employment as an editor in Cincinnati. It was during his first real editing gig that he discovered his true calling: animation.

In 2013, he co-founded LEAP Frame so he could focus more on animation and family. But in his spare time, Ryan also helps out as a teaching assistant for School of Motion’s Animation Bootcamp.

What you’ll appreciate about him: He's detailed. He animates for perfection and never assumes the audience won’t see mistakes.
Ask him about: Tea. While most bow down to the bean, Ryan lives for the leaf. Skipping the middleman, he sources straight from China.

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Kyle Eli Ebersole

Kyle is an ambitious dabbler. He’s designed for Kroger and Procter & Gamble, and was the right-hand man for Neltner Small Batch, a beloved designer in the tristate area. He’s won several awards, including three ADDYs and two National Merit Awards.

Kyle sits between animation and film, both literally and figuratively. His design knowledge is the bridge between Ryan’s animation and editing expertise, and Brandon’s mastery of film and direction. Kyle brings design-thinking to production-house-style work flow, and it suits him perfectly.

When Kyle isn’t at work, he’s still probably working. But lest you think he is all work and no play, know that he is also a connoisseur of tiki drinks, and has about 100 homemade waffles in his freezer right now.

What you’ll appreciate about him: He’ll give you that creative nudge. You might be a little outside your comfort zone, but you’ll be standing there with a great idea.
Ask him about: His time as a high-volume waffle chef.

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Colleen Donohoue

If Brandon, Ryan and Kyle were Alvin and the Chipmunks, Colleen might be their adoptive dad, Dave. She floats between three, wildly creative people, assuring that there’s open communication, deadlines are hit, projects are organized and the mischief is limited.

Colleen is cool under pressure, which makes sense when you learn about her upbringing on 14 acres of land, visiting national parks and camping. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Northern Kentucky University in applied photography, but quickly realized that she loved photography when it was an exciting hobby rather than employment.

As most college graduates do, she initially found a job unrelated to her degree, but kept looking for the right fit. She found a home at LEAP Frame.

What you’ll appreciate about her: Calm and collected. Colleen keeps tabs on everything and seamlessly moves projects through the process.
Ask her about: There’s a bank robbery story and a skydiving story. Take your pick!

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