Nov 15, 2014

Mograph High Five | 003

I spend way too much time browsing motion graphics (mograph) on Vimeo. Although, it is a great way to stay on top of the latest trends, get inspired, and connect with other like minded artists. It's kind of mind blowing how many new animations pop up each week. Both newly posted projects and older pieces that are new to me. There's a lot to sort through and not all of the pieces are worth the time and effort. I decided to start cataloging what I find and hopefully save time for others. My goal is to post my five favorite finds each week.

Here are my favorites this week:


CA Thursdays (Director's Cut) from Michael Wilson on Vimeo.
This is a really cool piece. Keeping everything centered in a circle to play off the orange theme works really well. My favorite is how the quotes animate on. Really slick.


Arrow - Aerospace & Defense from Flavor on Vimeo.
It can be difficult to transition from live action to animation and then back to live action without feeling clumsy, but this piece does it seamlessly while also leaving me somewhat inspired.


Euronews - The Gross Domestic Product explained from Emanuele Colombo on Vimeo.
Not sure how I missed this one. Great example of how really good animation can make something complicated and boring easier to grasp. Working with such a limited color palette really gives it a cool vibe too.


Roomcase from Stavros Kypraios on Vimeo.
This piece moves quick. Never a dull moment. Great example of how transitions should be done.


Ibotta App from Motion Authors on Vimeo. The Motion Authors portfolio is pretty stellar and this is a great addition. Love how cartoonish all the movements are. Really fun to watch.

    Ryan Woolfolk is the Senior Motion Designer at LEAPframe. A boutique digital film and motion design shop located in the historic Over-The-Rhine district of Cincinnati, OH.

Ryan Woolfolk

Ryan Woolfolk