Mar 8, 2015

Useful Filmmaking Apps

Filmmaking is one part creative and two parts planning. Since I'm not naturally organized I lean on software to streamline my digital filmmaking process. Here are several sites and apps that I can't live without. 

Invoice 2 Go

Creating estimates and invoices is the most important part of a project. It sets parameters and expectations and allows you to dial in the scope of your project. Without the right tools, this process can become lengthy and redundant. However, Invoice2go makes winning jobs and getting paid easy.

It features a data base where you can store your most commonly quoted items like crew rates, gear rental, travel, craft service, or whatever your production calls for. You can create custom templates with your logo, terms of service, and more. It also easily allows you to duplicate estimates making it easy to create a starting point for similar projects. Added features like Receipts allows you to scan and track your production spending keeping it all in one place. 

Overall this tiny app packs a powerful punch and comes both desktop and mobile ready. If your using spreadsheets and docs, make your life easier and switch to Invoice2go.


 What if you could have one place to keep all of your production contacts, making it easy to build call sheets? Wait no more, I've been using Doddle for three years now and I couldn't live without it. It's not perfect, there are some usability tweaks that I would love to see improved, but its still the best practical tool out there that makes call sheets super easy.

I actually build my shot-list into my call sheets on smaller productions making it a one stop shop for my entire production. There online app is easy to use and keeps you from having to print out a bunch of paper.


Sometimes you just need a quick and dirty todo or task list. Pen and paper git the job done, but Silo is a simple and beautifully designed app that works. 

In addition to achieving your list needs, it incorporates share-ability, has a desktop version, and did I say how beautifully simple it was? 

I use this app in tandem with the Getting Things Done philosophy.


Pre visualization is key to a great shoot. You need to know what camera your working with and which lenses to bring. There are many apps out there that can help you achieve this but I find that Cadrage is most user friendly.

You can easily select your sensor format, lenses (prime or zoom), frame shots, organize them into projects, and more. I have used Artemis viewfinder which is more expensive and less user friendly.

DSLR ToolKit

If your in run and gun mode, this little app packs a big punch. Slate, shot log, viewfinder, DOF calculator, daylight times, time-lapse calculator, and spirit level combine to be everything you need.

The viewfinder is limited and doesn't offer many of the high end cinema cameras, but its called DSLR Toolkit.

Brandon Faris

Brandon Faris

Film Director