Apr 3, 2015

Downy | Behind The Scenes

Recently we wrapped a project with the creative team at Proclamation, a brand movement company led by Jeff Warman and Dhani Jones. The project featured Downy wrinkle releaser plus, teaching viewers "how to iron!"

The concept evolved from utilizing motion graphics to shooting everything practical with rigged cut-out graphics and coordinated stage hands in white suits. Although timing was a challenge, the crew stepped up and executed with ease! 

Behind The Scenes

The web commercials were filmed on Red One MX with an Angenieux 24-290 zoom lens. The spots were then graded in Davinci Resolve. In total we created three Downy spots each with their own unique elements that worked well as a collective campaign.

agency Proclamation
chief creative officer Jeff Warman
cincinnati video production director Brandon Faris
director of photography Alexander Elkins
animator Ryan Woolfolk
editor Anthony Reese Schneider
producer Alex Parks

Brandon Faris

Brandon Faris

Film Director