Jun 1, 2015

Mograph High5 // 021

School of Motion has been turning out a lot of talent with the Animation Bootcamp program. Animation Bootcamp is an interactive 6 week online training course that teaches the animation principles in a way that's tailored to motion designers. The biggest complaint we kept hearing from Bootcamp alumni was that they feel their reels are out of date. As a way to combat that frustration Greg Elzerman spearheaded the Reel Refresh Challenge. A 6 week competition in which the alumni could compete for a Cintiq2 from Wacom. 6 weeks with 6 different themes. The goal being after the 6 weeks to have enough new material to build a new reel. Congratulations to Nol Honig who was crowned champion. A new challenge is starting June 1st. Keep you eye out for some pretty sick work. It's also a great resource to find freelancers.


Week5_NolHonig from The Drawing Room on Vimeo.
This was probably my favorite piece Nol created. Most of the time challenges like this yield a lot of unusual pieces that might not really make sense out of context. Nol did a great job crafting a piece that looks like an advertisement for a museum or something. His piece for the geometry theme was pretty great too. Take a gander at his Vimeo page for some of his other submissions and recent work.


Opposites from Zak Tietjen on Vimeo.
Zak knocked it out of the park for the week 1 theme. He set the standard and pushed everyone else to work harder.


Reel Refresh Challenge: Name or Company from Kevin Snyder on Vimeo.
I was the TA for Kevin's group when he went through Bootcamp. One of the best things about being a TA is seeing how much improvement everyone makes. Kevin has really been pushing himself and it shows.


Opposites from Kyle Hopkins on Vimeo.
I was also a TA for Kyle. He surprised me each week with something new. Something like scrambling up the letters in "happy" to make a house. Such a brilliant transition.


reelrefresh challenge - the week as infographic from Josef Atlestam on Vimeo.
Those morphs are sick. Josef is like a mad scientist. You never know what's cooking inside his head. The level of raw talent he has sometimes makes me want to quit. Most of the time during Bootcamp I felt so inadequate critiquing him.


Ito's Space Adventure - Reel Refresh from Daniel Ito on Vimeo.
Love this piece from Daniel. It plays great with both meanings of space. Nice little story in 10 seconds.

Ryan Woolfolk

Ryan Woolfolk