Jun 26, 2015

Triple Feature | Take 13

As digital film creators we are constantly searching for inspiration; viewing life through a unique lens that allows us to share our experiences and stories with others. When we fail we get thrown to the side and called amateurs, but when it works we are honored with accolades and awards. From branded content and short films to commercials and music videos, these are three videos I found this week that inspire me to be a better filmmaker.

PASSION. It's what gets us up in the morning here at LEAPframe. We're passionate about telling stories. And this week we feature three filmmakers who have shared with us some truly awesome stories. I would personally like to say thank you to these three. THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION! 


Passion has always been an inspiration for me, especially when someone is passionate about something that others might criticize them for. This is a remarkable piece about completely freeing yourself from worry and truly chasing your passion.


This man is legit my idol. Selfless dedication of his life to helping other people. Complete and utter sacrifice. Brilliant work capturing his unique story.


I had the pleasure of attending college with one of this week's featured filmmakers, Sam Shapson. I wanted to feature him this week for a couple reasons- one is because he just premiered his latest short film and it is fantastic. Two- Sam is clearly passionate about the filmmaking process and it shows in his dedication to his work. This short is gaining a ton of traction online not only because it is a very intriguing piece but also because it was shot completely in moonlight on the new Sony A7s. It takes a lot of hard work to pull off shooting a film in moonlight and have it look this good, regardless of the equipment you have at your disposal. Congrats on all of your success Sam, hope to see more in the future!

Anthony Reese Schneider

Anthony Reese Schneider

Lead Editor