Sep 28, 2015

Mograph High5 // 24

There seem to be a lot of great motion pieces floating around right now. I'm really excited about the After Effects facelift that Sander van Dijk is proposing. It's a lot to dig through but gets me excited thinking about a smoother workflow with a better tool. If you use AE on a regular basis, make sure you vote (link below). Speaking of facelifts, LEAPframe just hired a Lead Designer, Kyle Ebersole. Notice the sweet new logo? Expect to see posts from him in the coming weeks. He's got a great eye for design and I'm excited to see his taste and perspective start to come through on his picks.


ZERO-DAY from beeple on Vimeo.

I've been watching beeple steadily pump out his everyday projects. It's been cool to see the progression over the years. His latest piece is such a cinematic experience. The music and animation are synced perfectly which gives it a powerful feel. Cinematography is gorgeous, too.


Stop motion masters, PES are back with such a complex piece. Makes my head hurt even thinking about where to start on such a massive undertaking. The final result is pretty stellar. If you haven't read the Motionographer article about the process it's worth your time:


This is a fun piece to watch. The colors a great. The colors and movement both feel vibrant and cheery. This is a great example of how overlapping animations can make a piece feel complex and dynamic but still fluid.


Dinosaur from Ning Cheng on Vimeo.
I absolutely love this piece. Such a clever twist.


After Effects - Feature Platform from Sander van Dijk on Vimeo.

After Effects is an amazing program. However, nothing is perfect. If you haven't seen Sander van Dijk's breakdown on how to substantially improve After Effect you need to check it out and vote:

 From Sander's description:

 "For the past twenty years, After Effects has been one of the primary software programs used by animators. I, myself, have been using if for over ten years. As such, I’ve been wanting to create a public place for ideas and features that can be shared with the After Effects team not only to give them a sense as to how we work but also what features could be useful—as our animations continue to evolve.

I collected all feedback I could find—from scrolling through endless blog pages to observing how some of the best animators prefer to work. Combining this with countless hours of my own experience—and ultimately getting deep into the inner-workings of AE, I’ve been able to produce what I believe is a thorough and realistic list of feature requests. To help visualize this better, I’ve used images and animation to show how the features could potentially be integrated into the program.

Now it’s up to you to vote and comment and let the community know what features you would like to see integrated the most. Of course, if I missed anything or if you have ideas that could make any of mine better—please don’t hesitate to comment."

Ryan Woolfolk

Ryan Woolfolk