We partner with LEAP Amp, to provide media amplification on videos created by the LEAP Frame team.



Amped Up


Is a program built to amplify video work, done by LEAP Frame, on social mediums. This program is completed in partnership with LEAP Amp, a studio within our LEAP Group network, focused exclusively on social amplification and digital media buying. We share their philosophy, “All media is social, and social media is always on.”

We recommend pairing the Hype service with this, to ensure your videos are seen by the right people on the right channel.

Producing a video without a distribution strategy is like placing a billboard in the forest. It may be the greatest billboard ever designed, but only a handful of hikers and raccoons will appreciate its grandeur. A comprehensive distribution strategy ensures your message won’t be lost in the woods.

The goal of this joint program is to increase your ROI, increase view counts, increase engagement and deliver more valuable impressions with higher relevance to your brand.


Our approach to media buying is born in social. We take insights from metrics, behaviors and narratives derived from your social audience to build highly-targeted media plans. Then, we attack every channel with a unique communication strategy, ensuring your story reaches the right audience, in the right place and at the right time with the right message.

What Do You Get?

  1. Media Plan

    • Social Media
    • Display Channels
  2. Social Media Content

    • We partner with our social media buying studio, LEAP Amp, to create shortform content, including visual elements for easy publishing
  3. Strategic Recommendations

    • A 1-2 page document will be delivered, along with the media plan that will include ongoing recommendations to continaue amplifying the video content beyond the Amped-Up program.



Supporting social media strategic recommendations, amplification plan + content.



Execution of the initial amplification plan. This budget is specifically for the initial media spend.