A grab bag of boomerangs, GIFs, photos, video, etc. to like, post and share.



with Creative Review Upgrade $14,900


Everybody's Getting Social.

Lives are shared on social media. But scrolling is addictive and attention spans are limited. With the Hype service, we’ll provide you with short, but interesting snippets about your business that’s relevant to your target audience.

More brands are shifting their marketing investments to online channels and social mediums. Paid social distribution ensures a company’s products or services will get in front of the right customer on the right channel with the right message on the right time.

Social platforms have the following benefits:
> Easily Shareable
> Highly Targeted Audience
> Keyword Targeting
> Increased Engagements

What Do You Get?

  1. Pre-Production

    • Planning + Scheduling
    • Creative Ideation
    • Creative Consultation
    • Creative Development, up to 6 concepts
  2. Production

    • Selection of 3 concepts for production
    • 10hrs Production / Animation*
  3. Post-Production

    • Edit/Animation for 3-9, 15-second directors-cut videos*
    • Quantity of videos determined by creative direction and production
  4. Creative Review Upgrade

    • One round of edits to a traditional revision model of:
      A) Primary Changes
      B) Secondary Changes
      C) Quality Control