Know How

A 1 minute -2 minute, video to share your expertise.



with Creative Review Upgrade $29,900

Know How


You’re an expert in your brand and product. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t already.

If you believe you’re the best (fill in the blank), your target audience needs to believe you’re the best (fill in the blank).

Through this 1 minute – 2 minute video, share what makes you tick, what makes you better than the competition. In a good level of detail, you have the opportunity to show and tell your expertise. Then, place this video where your audience will see it best.

What Do You Get?

  1. Pre-Production

    • Planning + Scheduling
    • Creative Consultation
    • Location Scouting
    • Internal Casting
  2. Production

    • Full Day (10hrs Shoot)
    • Teleprompter
    • Interviews with Key Individuals
    • Foundational Cinematography
    • Half Day (5hrs Shoot)
    • Supplemental Cinematography
    • Aerial Footage
  3. Post-Production

    • Editing 0ne, 1-2 Minute Featured Director’s Cut
    • 4-6:30 of Social Clips
    • Supporting Animations
    • Audio Mixing
    • Color Correction
    • Music
    • Digital Delivery
  4. Creative Review Upgrade

    • One round of edits to a traditional revision model of:
      A) Primary Changes
      B) Secondary Changes
      C) Quality Control