3-5 minute documentary-style short film to build trust for your brand.



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So you've decided to change the world

Or maybe you’re just pushing product. Doesn’t matter. You understand that a strong brand can change hearts and minds. That’s your goal, and we feel that.

A piece of advice from people that do this thing for a living: If you’re trying to connect with people, forget the “talking head” crap. You’ve seen it some zillion times, and so has your audience.

Your brand needs to say something. It’s about heart, really. That’s how you build trust. In this 3 minute – 5 minute documentary about your brand and your product, our goal is to show your beating heart.

What Do You Get?

  1. Pre-Production

    • Planning + Scheduling
    • Creative Consultation
    • Location Scouting
    • Internal Casting
  2. Production

    • Full Day (10hrs Shoot)
    • Foundational Cinematography
    • Interviews with Key Individuals
    • Half Day (5hrs Shoot)
    • Supplemental Cinematography
    • Pickup Shots / Additional Interviews
  3. Post-Production

    • One 3 -5 minute Director’s Cut Documentary
    • Supporting Animation
    • Audio Mixing
    • Color Correction
    • Music
    • Digital Delivery
  4. Creative Review Upgrade

    • Aerial Footage**
    • Extended 2 Social Videos
    • Up to 30 seconds